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Welcome to Zolute Healthcare

 Zolute healthcare is a multidimensional healthcare company . ZHC has its arena of operations in manufacturing and marketing of general pharmaceutical products, ophthalmic formulations, vision store retail chain, etc... and is a fast growing business house in India .Through our associates. ZHC now enjoys national presence.  All our manufacturing units has schedule M and GMP certifications. Synokem ,UHL , main units possess WHO GMP certification and is comparable to UK-MHRA guide lines.  With major focus on respiratory, orthopedic, neurology and ENT specialty brands, we reach around 100,000 doctors across India.  Today ZHC boasts the brand owner ship of well reputed and most accepted brands like DYLO GEL, DYLO AS,DYLO RUB,IMMU GEM,EMLAST,EMLAST LC,EMLAST FX,AFL SR,DEGLU NAC,EOS,EOS D,DECOTA 6,BRONCO CLEAR etc... along with other licensed brands.

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Our Mission

Zolute Health Care will be recognized as the health care provider and employer of choice by establishing a culture that champions patient centered-care, promotes staff engagement, embraces the latest technology, and pursues community partnerships and strategic alliances.

Our Vision

It is our mission to improve the health of those we serve with a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our goal is to offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients' expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.  


All our manufacturing units are schedule M and GMP certified. Synokem,UHL, main units possess WHO GMP certification and comparable to UK-MHRA guide lines.  We believe that the quality and effectiveness of the products are the corner stone of any successful pharmaceutical organization. Quality and effectiveness start with our men and action along with our brands.


Our Responsibilities

Being a successful business is not just about what we do today, it’s about ensuring that we remain sustainable in the long-term so that we can continue to add value for all our associates in the future. Responsibility and sustainability are built into the way we do business, but we can divide our activities into five key areas.

  • Workplace – looking after our employees and ensuring that they develop personally and professionally, remain safe and healthy, and are able to balance their work and home lives

  • Marketplace – as well as following all relevant statutory guidelines for the manufacture and safety monitoring of our medicines, we have a responsibility to market our medicines in an ethical and professional way, and add additional value to healthcare through education and support for patient and professional organisations

  • Community – working with organisations and individuals in the local community to ensure that our nation remains a great place to live and work

  • Environment – minimising the environmental impact of our activities wherever possible

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